Netflix And Chill With Park Seo-joon: Here Are All His Shows And Movies That You Can Watch On Netflix!

The romantic comedy king of Korea has arrived

Brian Martin

Aug 17, 2022

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Korean dramas on Netflix (K-dramas) have proven to be a lifesaver during the absolute boredom of waiting for our countries to recover from the coronavirus outbreak. And one actor in particular is presently the topic of conversation owing to a just finished K-drama on Netflix. Who am I referring to? Obviously, the charismatic and muscular Park Seo-joon!

Park Seo-joon is without a doubt a talented actor with a magnetic personality, as seen by his critically praised Netflix programs and enormous fan base (12.2 million Instagram followers as of this writing). Even his co-stars have referred to him as the "lord of romantic comedy" (rom-com). Here is a list of Park Seo-fantastic joon's Netflix episodes in case you're interested in seeing what all the excitement is about.

1. Itaewon Class

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

Itaewon Class has to be at the top of this list. After all, it is the most popular show Park Seo-joon has ever produced; the final episode's viewership ranked it as the seventh-highest K-drama in television history! So what precisely is the subject of this tale?

Park Seo-joon portrays Park Sae-ro-yi, an ex-convict. He was dismissed from school for hitting a bully named Geun-won before ending up in jail. Sae-ro-father yi's is killed by the same bully in a vehicle accident, which prompts Sae-ro-yi to assault Geun-won and arrest himself. In an effort to outcompete the competing business owned by Geun-father, won's he launches the bar-restaurant DanBam seven years after being freed.

The quest of success is the central theme of Itaewon Class. The program goes deep and gives viewpoints that cause us to consider our own values as it weaves together themes of drama, romance, vengeance, and even social concerns like racism and LGBTQ difficulties. Park Seo-performance joon's shines through it all, and he has a fantastic supporting cast to match.

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

A hottie like Park Seo-joon would undoubtedly portray a haughty, attractive CEO or top executive at some point in his career. And in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, he plays just that position. Park Seo-joon, who portrays Vice Chairman Lee Young-joon in this romantic comedy, co-stars with the stunning Park Min-young, who plays Secretary Kim Mi-so.

The first scene of this Netflix production introduces us to a troublesome Young-joon as he considers what Secretary Kim is doing wrong. After all, his life was going swimmingly with his ever-smiling secretary at his side. And up until the day she submitted her resignation, she appeared to manage all he asked of her with elegance under pressure.

Secretary Kim rejects his offer even after he offers every inducement he can think of to get her to stay. So what else is there for an egotistical, wealthy tycoon to assume? Yes, Secretary Kim is undeniably in love with him and resents the attention other women are giving him. Young-joon foolishly decides to go after her. See a lost childhood history with these two entertaining characters in a push-and-pull romance tale, and discover what they learn along the way!

3. Kill Me Heal Me

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

Park Seo-joon plays a supporting part in Kill Me Heal Me, but he still manages to be endearing and entertaining throughout this romantic comedy. The protagonist of the narrative is Cha Do Hyun, a corporate heir who suffers from severe dissociative identity disorder. Park Seo-character joon's Oh Ri On joins the battle as he tries to manage all of his various identities with the covert assistance of his gorgeous psychotherapist Oh Ri Jin.

Ri On is a mystery author and a little bit of an investigator who follows the lives of the wealthy and famous in order to get ideas for his own works. Ri On discovers that understanding Cha Do Hyun is more difficult than he anticipated due to the fact that the businessman has numerous identities. Watch Park Seo-attractive joon's face contort into the funniest horrified, traumatized, and curious faces you've ever seen him make, and let yourself get carried away with never-ending laughter!

4. She Was Pretty

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

Here is a Park Seo-joon romantic comedy that is based on a real event. The storyline of She Was Pretty centers on childhood friends who run into each other again as adults who have unanticipatedly changed from how they seemed in their youth. Ji Sung-joon, played by Park Seo-joon, was a fat kid with poor self-esteem, in contrast to Wang Jeum-portrayal eum's of Kim Hye-jin, a stunning girl from a wealthy household.

But as a result of a cruel twist of fate, Hye-family jin's goes destitute, and she stops caring about her beauty. Sung-joon, on the other hand, matures gorgeously and succeeds as an editor. When the two old flames decide to get back together, Hye-jin begs her closest friend, Ha-ri, to pose as her in order to avoid feeling too uneasy.

Here comes the biggest story turn. Deputy chief-editor Sung-joon makes Hye-jin an offer to work for his publishing house. Sung-joon feels upset with Hye-clumsy jin's behavior and turns out to be openly cruel to her without realizing that she is actually his childhood buddy. In the meantime, Hye-jin befriends an officemate named Shin-hyuk who gradually develops love for her as well, and Ha-ri begins to feel something for Sung-joon.

This Netflix program is wrapped with drama and suspense, and it will have you on the edge of your seat all night long. Good thing you have plenty of time to accomplish that while in quarantine!

5. Fight For My Way

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

The versatile Park Seo-joon has you covered if you enjoy tales about underdogs. In the novel Fight For My Way, a group of friends battle to survive and achieve success in fields in which they are underqualified. Ko Dong-man is portrayed by Park Seo-joon. He was a well-known taekwondo martial artist but was forced to stop because of a traumatic background.

While preparing to take home a UFC championship, he finds himself struggling to make ends meet as a contract worker. The character of Kim Ji-Choi won's Ae-ra, his childhood friend, has likewise had to give up her ambition to work as an announcer. The "wonderful four," together with Kim Joo-man and Baek Seol-hee, two of their closest friends, give us a glimpse into their daily lives by demonstrating how, for want of a better word, miserable life can be when chasing one's aspirations.

But despite the various difficulties the gang encounters, Dong-man and his companions show an outstanding amount of tenacity and bravery that inspires the viewer. While all of this is going on, Dong-man and Ae-immature ra's childhood romance appears to be becoming stronger. Fight For My Way is a really relevant and inspirational K-drama that you won't soon forget, written with a nice bit of humor and romance.

6. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

In this Netflix series, Park Seo-joon plays a hwarang, drawing on Korea's past. Hwarangs, also known as flower knights, were a prestigious order of male soldiers that served in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. In Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Queen Regent Jisu orders the formation of the Hwarang out of concern that nobles could profit from her abdicating the crown to her son, who has only recently reached adulthood.

Fans of Park Seo-joon will be happy to hear that although this is a historical drama that draws inspiration from Korea, romance plays a significant role in the plot of his character, Kim Sun-woo, also known as Dog-Bird. Ironically, Sun-woo is a young, muscular warrior who has no prior experience dating women.

Despite this, he develops feelings for the hwarang doctor, Aro, a half-noble-born lady who only regards him as a sibling. If you're a romantic at heart, don't miss this opportunity to see Park Seo-joon chivalrously pursue his lady love while learning secrets that are too dangerous to be divulged!

7. Dream High 2

Park Seo Jun Netflix Shows and Movies, Park Seo Jun Dramas

Do you enjoy seeing musical and dance performances? If so, Park Seo-joon also agrees. We follow a group of students and a few of promising young K-pop stars in this romantic comedy and adolescent drama. As a result of Kirin High's bankruptcy, Oz Entertainment assumes control of the institution at the start of the narrative.

This is helpful to the agency since a recent rule mandates that minor performers must study for a set period of time each day and finish any booked jobs by 10 p.m. Naturally, rivalry and hostilities develop between the Kirin High students and the incoming Oz Entertainment pupils.

What part does Park Seo-joon play in this intriguing tale? He naturally fulfills the role of Si-Woo, one of the budding K-pop singers, given his attractiveness and charm. He is a member of the idol boy band Eden, and the first few episodes portray him as a rebel as well. However, if you want to watch Park Seo-joon show off his dancing abilities and assume the persona of a rock star singer, this K-drama is for you. You don't get to witness what it would have been like for your favorite Korean actor to turn into a Korean star every day, too.

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