Moon Knight Season 2: What To Expect

Although the MCU series' second season has not yet been announced, creator Jeremy Slater has ambitious intentions if Moon Knight is given a second chance.

Brian Martin

Jul 12, 2022

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Even Moon Knight critics have to concede that Jake Lockley was a fairly cool guy. Concerns about the series were cast aside, like a hospital wheelchair, as Marc Spector's third personality emerged as a tough guy with a newsboy cap and a Spanish accent. Sadly, Lockley only made one appearance in the series, where it was revealed that despite Khonshu's agreement with Spector and Steven Grant, Lockley was still the moon god's assassin. But if Moon Knight does receive a second season, Jake will undoubtedly appear more frequently.

”That guy’s story is definitely not done. Although he may look similar to the cabbie Jake Lockley found in the comics, the version played by Oscar Isaac “is definitely not the same,” and thus remains “an open book.” His motivations remain a mystery not just to Marc and Steven, but to the viewers as well. We don’t necessarily know, is he good? Is he evil? We know he’s working for Khonshu. We know he has some sort of arrangement. And we know he is definitely more on board with Khonshu’s worldview in terms of punishing evildoers.”


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The tension may lead to an intriguing new twist that would allow Khonshu to regain control over Marc and Jake. Jake's existence demonstrates that the moon god still has sway over Marc even if the triumph over Arthur Harrow and Amit seemed to change his mind about Khonshu's destructive tactics. Jake's moral uncertainty would enable the second season to go on with the themes of the first season, given the previous season's issues about virtue and evil.

Even while such questions could be interesting, it's uncertain whether or not Moon Knight will receive a second season. No Disney+ MCU series has so far had more than one season. While Loki and What If...second ?'s season? are presently under production, the model appears to favor either branching out into other series, as Hawkeye does to Echo, or continuing the narratives of the program in films, as with WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. More significantly, Oscar Isaac deviated from the norm by only agreeing to a single season of work with Disney instead of a multi-year contract.

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Having said that, Isaac said that he would be open to coming back as Marc et. if the story is accurate, everyone. If Slater is to be believed, Lockley's trip also makes for the ideal kind of narrative. Lockley is "in the service of the greater good" by acting as Khonshu's assassin, according to Slater, but his allegiances remain unclear. Viewers are left wondering "is he going to be a friend? Is he an enemy?”

Slater feels that Lockley's existence necessitates additional investigation, even if he isn't the one returning to be the showrunner. He says that are "really exciting questions for whoever takes up the reins." Is it interesting enough to keep fans coming back for more, as he said to Inverse, "Whoever gets to tell the next Moon Knight story, whether that’s me or someone else, that is an exciting promise." Time will only tell.

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